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The Quiet Storms of Reform will weave the stories of institutional reforms with a three-decade of a photojournalism narrative of two individuals –Ben White and Judy Pruitt-with life-long struggles in chronic poverty.  Photojournalist Ben Tecumseh DeSoto began work in photos in 1988 and brings to the screen their stories. For Judy, this reporting is now on her daughter who living in the experience of her mother-incarcerated as a teen, discharged at 18 to the street with no family, forced into street gang life, including survivor sex, to survive.


Their stories highlight the culture of change happening today, quietly, as reforms in our courts, foster and medical care systems.


The Harris County Girls Court requires a women’s only crew to document the reforms ending decades of criminalizing our domestic runaways who are two-thirds of our human trafficking victims.  Every Thursday afternoon, Judge Angela Ellis leads prosecutors, defense and resource team members (all women) to use the law to meet the needs of teenage girls charged in crimes that are extensions of teenage homeless, street violence, addictions and survivor sex.


With the InReach, Project, the jail diversion program of Healthcare for the Homeless Houston, we visit the Harris County Jail and meet the next candidate on track end their return to jail by meeting their medical needs from the day of discharge.  Then visits in months following.


Annise Parker, the openly gay mayor of Houston Texas, shares her motivations and common sense support to foster care to strengthen our families and communities ability to care our orphans, abandoned and runaway children.  Before she began her political career, she and her life partner adopted children who were part of street kid community that exploded in population the 1980’s.



The finished work will reflect crowd sourcing in its production in two ways:


  • Video cameras are being used by the street kids to interview and document their situation;

  • Professionals including other filmmakers, university researchers, painters and musicians will contribute.






The quiet Storms of Reform is no longer one person’s story to report,

a community of creatives is coming together for cause.


We can change the way we care for each other.


A volunteer Santa lets a child take a nap during one of the early Super Feasts, a  now well established Thanksgiving related event that feeds thousands in Houston each year.

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