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Ground Rules:  Respect listening and honest discussion.  The goal is finding common ground and making and supporting policy and practices with realistic trade-offs on this topic.  Discussion on each option should be kept to 20 minutes.

With 15 minutes for both personal stakes and conclusion discussions.


These facts must be addressed in each of these options.

Homelessness is an ongoing part of American life and has been since business and government policies changed in the 1980’s.


The largest county jails in the country-Harris County and Los Angeles County-provide more mental medical care to their inmate than their counterparts deliver to patients in clinics.


The needs of families living in poverty have been beyond the capacities of non-profit organizations, charities and churches since the Great Depression.  The number of jobs available overall, and the number of jobs with low demand skills are not enough in number for those capable of work. 


The demands of medical and physically disabled citizens fall on families and how effective someone is in petitioning and pursing resources from public and private resources.

        Introduction                         Basics                             History of American Homeless
         The Options    Discussion Option 1  Discussion Option 2  Discussion  Option 3                                                                 About This Guide
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