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The Burdensome Heirloom of Poverty are a series of images on the impact of poverty, trauma and homelessness on individuals, families, communities and our nation.

Burdensome Heirloom of Poverty Folios

This is the

RiceMediaCenter edit
Quiet Storms of Reform.

This version is 70 minutes long and

is captioned.

Ideal for communities considering

using an Issue Guide for

Public Deliberation

"Can We End Homelessness in America?"

The Quiet Storms of Reform is a documentary film about a community working together to end homeless.


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Reforms are growing in the web of systems that interact and serve those caught up in homelessness and human trafficking.


Quiet Storms of Reform documents todays' creative solutions in contrast with a photojournalist's street narrative spanning three decades in the lifes of two individuals and their families as they struggle in chronic homeless, prison and emergency rooms to survive.  


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